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akiabixo@gmail.com | Tel: +351 967 551 419

Aki à Bixo is a company that operates in the field of insect breeding for animal feed. We have created Tenebrio, Zophoba, Crickets and Grasshoppers always trying to create these insects in the best conditions of hygiene and safety taking into account the needs of each species of insect.


gotanbug@gmail.com | Tel: +351 910 083 084

GotanBug is a company specializing in the production and processing of edible insects. With innovative production methods, it ensures a nutritious and healthy food for human consumption, giving a strong contribution to a sustainable planet and a new food paradigm.


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geral@portugalbugs.pt | Tel: +351 932 885 259

BugLife is an ambitious and innovative project that focuses on the efficient concept of producing and marketing live, dried and processed insects for animal and human food. BugLife products have a very high nutritional efficiency and, given their characteristics, offer a wide variety of uses.

rui.nunes@entogreen.com | Tel: +351 966 314 223

EntoGreen aims to contribute to the development of sustainable food by focusing on the development of bio-based technologies to re-use the nutritional waste that occurs in the agro-food sector, reintroducing them into the value chain in the form of sustainable nutritional solutions and innovative.

Tel.: +351 912 513 121; +351 912 954 783

Green Meal


info@nutrixfood.pt | Tel: +351 917 020 710

The Nutrix project in the field of edible insects is based on the production of Acheta domestica crickets as a source of protein for human consumption, due to its high sustainability and nutritional profile.


Tel.: +351 912 513 121; +351 912 954 783

Mr Zoo


barps67@gmail.com | Tel: +351 925 964 203

Douro Valley Bugs


The “Douro Valley Bugs” is a project dedicated to the  production and reproduction of insects, mostly Tenebrio molitor  intended for animal feed. With a low environmental impact, we create food rich in protein and fat, a great source of energy.